Warner Brother Studios

On the 9th of October 2014 the Broadcast pathway set off to Warner Brother Studios in order to not only find out more about Harry Potter and how the film series were made, but to also get a better insight on the industry of Film making. It also helped to get the broadcast pathway to bond better together as we learnt more about each other on our trip there. Before going on this trip with the class, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell anybody a thing about Harry Potter however now I almost feel like I’ve watched the Harry Potter films (Since going I have been inspired to watch most of them and will continue to watch them). The trip to the Warner Brother Studios showed us how some of the special effects were made, and even some of the actual outfits which were worn in the films(as we were allowed access to were they keep some of the equipment used in the films). I, Myself learnt so much about the films before even watching most of them, for example I learnt that Hagrid’s double was played by a Rugby player named Martin Bayfield who would stand on stilts when playing as Hagrid’s double (Bare in mind that Martin Bayfield is actually 6’10 in feet) I also learnt that Hogwarts is not actually a real school/college set in a magical land of wizards  (An even tho I may not of watched much Harry Potter before this, It almost brought a tear to my eye) and in actual fact was a huge set.

Hogwarts Set

However overall the Trip was amazing, I loved everything from the Sets, all the way down to even the atmosphere. I was so excited about being there my self, Emma and Rachel all actually went around the whole studio and carried on walking all the way back to the reception area, confused as to how we were going to get back in we had to ask for a member of staff to take us back in to find our class again. A huge highlight of my experience at the Warner Brothers studio was the fact that i actually walked through the legendary dining hall seen in most harry potter films. I also got the chance to see everything from The out fits used in the films to the sets. From the Great hall, to Hagrid’s home. This trip to me was so great because it not only gave me a better insight to the Harry Potter films but however also gave me a better insight to camera operating and also film making.



Primary research 

Primary research suggest that you or somebody does research for themselves instead getting their information off any other websites, This means that the research tends to be more reliable as you have found the information out for yourself, Primary information is usually a lot more accurate than any other source of research as finding information out for yourself usually tends to be more reliable than using the internet for information. However a disadvantage of primary research would be how time consuming it actually can be compared to for example; secondary research, Primary research would require a research plan which with out actually accomplishing this would take up more time than using other research methods. On the other hand primary research actually has some positives such as being able to aim question directly at your research objective, and also being able to keep your ‘Primary’ research private from any other competitors.shutterstock_112499642


The ‘Two Step Flow Theory’ was propounded by Paul Lizarsfeld and Elihu Kats. It suggests that Information is filtered threw the Opinion Leaders via the Media. In 1940 Paul Lizarsfeld, Bernard Berclson, and Hazel Gaudat carried out the first full scale investigations into Mass Communications. The Two Step Flow Theory proposes that that information does not flow from the Media Text straight to the Audiences mind, However threw this circle, other people have a tendency to have a point of view that affects the audiences opinion. Some people have a large impact on how others gain their opinions on media texts such as films. For example Influential/Respected people can use the ‘Two Step Theory’ to their benefit as they can influence people a lot easier than others, and could us the ‘Two Step Theory’ to promote films, shows, books etc. two-step-flow-of-communication

The Hypodermic Needle Theory

The Hypodermic Needle was propounded by Harold Lasswell in the 1920’s, The hypodermic needle, also known as the ‘Magic bullet theory’ explains how the audience is affected by what they view and hear. It is said to affect the audience/viewer immediately or in the near future this is it why it was given the name of the ‘Magic bullet theory’ as it is believed to directly affect the viewers mind. This suggest that the audience is powerless towards resisting the impact of the message which in some cases could be dangerous. People use the words ”Bullet” or “Needle” because for example the “Bullet” (information) is fired from the Gun (Media) straight in the the Audiences/viewers mind resorting in a great impact. Also for example the Needle (Media) injects a substance (information) into the viewers mind that leaves behind an effect on the viewers body with could leave behind a positive or even a negative effect on that person. hypoder


Hello, my name is Dean Beech; I am 16 years old and have a passion for Broadcast. Currently I am studying at BOA, I have chosen the course;‘Extended diploma in creative media’ to pursue my vision working in the TV industry, from working with cameras, to TV editing.

I would like to look into filming ‘WildLife’ documentaries, as I have watched them from a young age, and I believe them to be extremely fascinating, and would like to pursue a career in this area of the industry. However, I Continue reading